• B2B lead generation strategies for Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    Before implementing or reinvesting in search engine marketing, SEM, for B2B lead generation, make sure to carefully evaluate all of your options to ensure you are getting the greatest return on your marketing investment. Just as it is important to identify the keywords that will best perform, it is equally important to evaluate search engine performance. Often times we’ve seen people select the search engine(s) for placing their ads by simply evaluating overall search engine traffic, or even worse, making assumptions based on personal preferences. While search engine traffic and popularity is important, it is not the only aspect that should be considered. When it comes to online B2B lead generation, it is the quality of the leads generated, not quantity that matters. So, even though one search engine may appear to better perform the others due to overall usage, that does not mean it will deliver better lead-to-sale conversion results.

    So, when it comes to SEM, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Instead, perform tests to evaluate the performance of your keyword conversions in each of the search engines and carefully evaluate the quality of the leads generated to determine which search engine(s) is delivering more qualified leads that match your targeted profile. The results you experience may be a surprise and will ultimately provide guidance on where to focus future SEM dollars to gain better B2B lead generation results.