• B2B Lead Generation: Risk Reversal Tactics

    B2B lead generation, as anyone who reads this space knows, is a complicated process, and one that we’re proud to have analyzed and mapped out effectively.  As part of a plan that augments a sales cycle, lead generation consists of applying tried-and-true tactics at the right time to maximize utility.  As a case in point: engaging in lead nurturing requires an initial profiling of the target market in order to maximize the procedure’s efficiency.

    Another element of maximizing lead generation’s value comes with ensuring risk reversal.  A handy blog post over at Search Engine Land about risk reversal can help illuminate the process more for those who are curious; for those who want a simple digest of the post, read on here.

    With regard to lead generation, risk reversal is, essentially, the process of permitting potential customers with an out.  This out builds trust between you and your customers, since it shows that you don’t feel the need to strong-arm them into putting something out there they’re not willing to put out on their own.  A classic example of risk reversal is offering a money-back guarantee.  Don’t like our product?  No worries; here’s your money.  That promise makes customers more willing to take the plunge with your product to begin with, which means more customers, period, which means more revenue for you and your sales team.

    In the world of lead generation, there are several ways the process of risk reversal can be used to your advantage.  All of these suggestions make the white paper or service you’re offering more open to the public, which reduces consumer skittishness.  Some of these tactics include lessening up-front risk by asking for less revealing contact info or by making any forms filled out optional.  These tactics will result in a lower overall proportion of consumers of  your white paper or service giving you the data you’re looking for; however, you might find that a larger number of people overall do so, since the barriers to consumption have been lowered.

    Other tactics include always allowing for an opt-out of email contact, and for making that opt-out explicit.

    At the Lead Dogs, we meticulously analyze such tactics to ensure that our lead generation services provide the best ROI we can offer.  Contact us to find out more about how we can help your sales team.