• B2B Lead Generation for Mobile Users: Why It’s Important

    Businesses, beware: If you are not optimizing your business for mobile users, you may be missing out on opportunities for B2B lead generation. Email marketing is a common and effective way to reach a new or online lead. According to a recent study done by MarketingProfs, 64% of decision-makers read their email via mobile devices. These decision-makers are, of course, potential leads, and by taking advantage of the mobile market, you will improve your leads’ experience with your company and improve the possibility that the lead will respond to you.

    A mobile platform is all about convenience. Although smart phones are extremely useful in keeping up with business on-the-go, they can be cumbersome when trying to interact with a traditional, computer screen-oriented interface. The idea behind optimizing your marketing for mobile users is to eliminate any difficulty a lead may have in interacting with, and subsequently responding to, your marketing. Without this optimization, your conversion rate can drop significantly.

    So how can you achieve this kind of optimization?

    1. Include contact information and a simple “click to call” button. This may seem like an obvious tip, but it is by far one of the best ways to capitalize on the mobile market. It is a function that is unique to a mobile device, will store your phone number in the user’s phone for a later date, and allows you to connect directly with your potential lead.

    2. Make your call-to-action buttons easy to read and easy to touch. There is plenty of room for fumbling on a small phone or tablet screen, and those who are on the move won’t always stop for a click that needs precision.

    3. Use forms that are short for minimal typing. Typing on a mobile device can be a pain and, like the call-to-action buttons, are best if you need to use less precision.

    4. Don’t send mobile users to a homepage. Instead, link them directly to a mobile-friendly page that relate directly to your marketing material.

    Be mindful that any of these mobile lead generation pages you create are optimized for mobile use. One of the best things about B2B lead generation via mobile devices, as with social mobile marketing, is that the cost of lead generation in this method can be extremely low. If you build pages for mobile devices, you are also taking advantage of a medium that less savvy competitors may not fully embrace, giving you an edge in the business of B2B lead generation and a better conversation rate for your business.