• B2B Lead Generation: What Am I Actually Paying For?

    In your search for a lead generation partner, you might notice that prices dramatically vary from one vendor to the other. While you might be tempted to go for the cheapest option – or worse, fall for pay-per-lead pricing – it is important you understand why quality lead generation firms are more expensive.

    b2b lead generation

    Outsourcing lead generation is about a lot more than merely getting leads. It is about full cycle sales.  When hiring a lead generation partner, you are in fact investing in resources that will contribute to generating the pipeline growth you are seeking. These resources include:

    • Dedicated Sales Team

    Some lead generation companies will assign to your account part-time reps that are simultaneously working for different accounts. Others will have reps selected and trained specifically for your program, which they’ll be working full-time. Which option would you rather pick?

    • Training

    Every solution is unique and can be sometimes quite complex. Therefore, it is crucial the sales firm you outsource to disposes of skilled trainers and coaches that work alongside sales reps. The quality of a lead generation company’s training program will determine how quickly and accurately they will be able to sell your brand, products and/or services.

    The training program should ensure the outsourced sales team is able to speak to your competition, have meaningful conversations about the business of the prospect and be technically versed on your product.  In the best case scenario, the outsourced sales team becomes an extension of your company, providing seamless integration between their lead outreach and follow-up from your sales teams.

    • Comprehensive Analysis and Reporting

    If your lead generation partner is truly an extension of your own sales team, their operations will be fully transparent. A quality lead generation firm will create customized dashboards for your account so you can have continuous access to the metrics related to your program.

    • Portable Pipeline

    Even after your contract ends, all the insight gained by your lead generation partner regarding your pipeline is not lost. Indeed, even after your contract ends, you will still have access to all the data related to your program: lead contact details, lead activity, results against forecast and overall performance. You will be able to speak clearly to how they impacted pipeline.

    Now, can you foresee the cost your organization would accrue if they were to acquire these resources to conduct lead generation in-house?

    Note that to fully exploit these resources and enable your lead generation partner to deliver maximum results, you’ll have to be as much of a partner to them as they are to you. Learn about your role as a sales outsourcer in our next blog post.

    Photo by Meena Kadri