• B2B Inquiry Management: Handling Web Inquiries

    Most likely, your company has B2B inquiry management processes in place for handling new Web inquiries, but are you on the right track? Effective marketing initiatives may result in a flood of new inquiries interested in your solution, and it can be challenging to keep potential qualified leads from slipping through the cracks. More often than you might imagine, unclear B2B inquiry management practices result in missed opportunities.

    Appropriate pre-qualification and routing are crucial, as they give each inquiry a fair chance at blooming into a lead. Here at The Lead Dogs, we’ve compiled years of client data to determine the best practices for pre-qualification, distribution and routing for effective B2B inquiry management. Our service will instantly process incoming inquiries and route them correctly.

    We’ve found that for every 100 inbound inquiries, only ten are truly sales-ready right away. 50 will require nurturing and 40 are simply not a good fit. Keep these statistics in mind when determining B2B inquiry management procedures. Before sending an inquiry down the pipeline directly to your field sales team, vet it through careful pre-qualification to get a stronger idea of how the inquiry will or won’t flourish. In The Lead Dogs study of B2B inquiry management practices, we found that 57% of inquiries get handed directly to the sales team. This can negatively affect lead closing rates.

    As previously mentioned, about half of all inquiries are not sales-ready but do qualify for the investment of additional B2B lead nurturing. Of such inquiries, conversion rates go up three to four times when proper nurturing is put into effect. Keep your company’s solution at the forefront of these clients’ minds, and develop a strategy customized to their unique position. The Lead Dogs can help, with our useful B2B customer relationship development plans. We focus on B2B inquiry management and nurturing so that your sales force is free to work on closing with those qualified, sales-ready buyers.