• B2B Inquiry Management: Don’t Let Good Leads Slip through the Cracks

    When it comes to B2B Inquiry Management, we often run into companies which have very loose procedures, or no procedures, for managing incoming leads.  This lack of structure means that often times, many of these inbound inquiries do not receive timely follow up and can slip through the cracks.   For B2B Inquiry Management, we recommend establishing and following procedures that ensure you:

    1. Follow up in a timely manner: With B2B inquiry management, timing is key.  An inbound inquiry means a lead is looking for more information, and willing to take the steps necessary to obtain this information.  This is similar to a lead knocking on your door, so be sure you answer it before they contact someone else who does.  
    2. Prequalify every lead before passing to sales: Often times, inbound leads are not a fit.  It is because of this, we recommend that you do not pass all inbound inquiries on to sales for follow up.  Doing this will, undoubtedly, create your sales team to have a negative impression of the inbound inquiries, causing them to delay follow up, or even worse, do nothing at all.  Instead, you should have a devoted prequalification expert(s) on hand to do the initial follow up and research, to uncover those leads that are truly, sales ready. 
    3. Categorize all leads for next steps: In traditional B2B inquiry management situations, not all leads received will be sales-ready.  However, just because a lead is not sales-ready today, does not mean that they will not be sales-ready next week, next month or even six months down the line.  It is because of that, we encourage you to categorize your leads and plan appropriate next steps such as targeted nurture campaigns. 

    Don’t let good leads slip through the cracks as a result of oversight or assumptions.  In B2B Inquiry Management, it is key to have procedures to make sure you uncover qualified leads and take the proper steps to have them enter and move through your pipeline.