• B2B Customer Relationship Development

    Salespeople working toward B2B Customer Relationship Development are used to hitting road blocks when trying to secure valuable face time with decision makers representing your customer. Working to secure these meetings takes time away from fulfilling other tasks, such as seeking and reaching out to the other relevant contacts who should be hearing your message and value proposal. But that face-to-face talk with the decision makers is essential to developing the longterm customer relationships your team needs for lead nurturing. Providing excellent service to current customers is the sales person’s top responsibility, so they would benefit considerably from time-saving, strategic marketing resources and assistance. At Lead Dogs, we offer the B2B customer relationship development methodology and services your salespeople need, so they can handle it all.

    A top priority is maintaining or improving sales productivity in today’s hectic B2B lead generation environment. These days, the number of contacts within each customer is growing, and widespread resistance to the sales call itself is also on the rise. A customized B2B customer relationship development plan will increase the frequency and quality of each interaction with your contacts, freeing up salespeople’s time so they may focus on fresh opportunities. You may rest assured your current customers are being taken care of with the best service. At Lead Dogs, we will customize this sales coverage model to fit your sales team’s needs. We identify the key decision makers, influencers and users to be under coverage and determine the frequency of communication (as well as the appropriate media) for each individual in this “customer tree.” These communications are coordinated with the sales staff to ensure a seamless, targeted approach that your customers will appreciate.

    Our B2B customer relationship development plans show measurable results. They truly do enhance the relationship your customers feel toward the salespeople and your business overall. We have seen as much as a 20-30% increase in freed-up selling time that your salespeople can use to call on new prospects, reducing the overall cost of selling. Consider the Lead Dogs for this and other lead generation services that you and your sales team may require.  From lead nurturing to inquiry management, our B2B sales expertise has got you covered so you can focus on achieving your goals.