• B2B Customer Base Expansion: Up Selling

    Pursuing current customer base expansion is a beneficial strategy in your B2B marketing efforts. One way to increase the profitability of existing customers is to use effective up selling practices. The B2B sales experts at Invenio Solutions® will apply tried-and-true best practices for moving forward with up selling, tailoring the process to the unique needs of each customer. We’ll build on your existing relationships by offering additional quantities of product and services. Targeted up selling is convenient for the customer and beneficial to your company’s bottom line.

    Our first step to successful up selling is identifying those of your current customers who are most profitable and opportunistic. We vet your customer base to uncover these potential expansion leads, profile the specific needs and position of the customer and reach out to them in a consistent, supportive way. We believe in adding on to existing product and service transactions to make your business more valuable and indispensable to the B2B client. Plus, the increased communication and attention they will experience through your up selling can actually strengthen the relationship over time.

    Invenio® will thoroughly analyze your customer’s need, product match and propensity to purchase, then leverage appropriate communication channels to connect with key decision makers. Our trained professional B2B sales experts have a strong ability to uncover customer needs and present the right products at the right time. Effective up selling nurtures the relationship and gives your sellers a better understanding of the customer’s preferences. We’ll apply strategies to overcoming customer doubts or objections, leveraging our advanced technology and infrastructure to run the program as efficiently as possible.

    When you choose to work with Invenio, you are free to focus on other pressing areas of your business. Your sellers can refocus their valuable time and energy on customer acquisition and B2B lead generation to develop your reach. Meanwhile, we’ll inspire customer loyalty by meeting and exceeding their needs with our proven up selling initiatives, taking all the guesswork out of B2B sales. Experience all of our useful enterprise solutions, such as inquiry managementlead nurturing and inside sales outsourcing.