• B2B Channel Marketing

    B2B Channel Marketing

    Tremendous sales growth is available through B2B channel marketing, but the process takes time, resources and skill. Here are some of the ins and outs of B2B channel marketing.

    A marketing channel is the process and system that transfers a good from the point of production to the point of consumption and all of the institutions and activities(sales, advertising and promotion) in between. B2B channel marketing leverages this channel to sell more products more efficiently. So what are the components of a well-leveraged marketing channel?

    Partner Ecosystem

    Your partners exist in what we call a “partner ecosystem.” In other words, each entity is interconnected. When one part of the system changes, it impacts the others. With the assistance of a B2B channel marketing expert, you are able to quickly and effectively find, screen and recruit high-value partners that will support sales growth.

    Partner Lead Generation

    Distributor-led marketing programs and integrated marketing campaigns can help your company create a consistent stream of quality leads. Your partners will focus on quality opportunities, leading to more sales.

    Growing The Partner Pipeline

    Work with an experienced expert to identify ways to create programs to uncover and nurture qualified leads until they become ready to buy. This qualified lead generation will help your partners expand their presence in the market and ultimately generate more revenue.

    Cross-Sales and Up-Sales

    Build both customer and partner loyalty by finding where new sales opportunities exist within the current customer base, cultivating and nurturing them, and helping them reach the appropriate partner.

    These processes work together beautifully to build your channel, unlocking new streams of revenue and building an ever-growing base of partners and customers. However, it does take an awareness of the system and a skill for working it. Having an expert like Invenio® on your side is an excellent choice.