• Awakening the Power of the Inside

    By: Sharon Daniels

    If you’re in a contemplative sort of mood, you might find interest in the idea that when you look inside, you can find great strength. It’s a fascinating idea on the personal level, that if we are self-reflective, we can awaken our consciousness on many levels.

    Of added interest is the fact that this idea also works for the sales organization. If you think of an organization’s sales goals, it makes sense that outside salespeople who meet face-to-face with customers are the traditionally accepted source of revenue. Outside salespeople are, perhaps, an obvious way to actualize sales goals. But when an organization also considers the inside sales force as a way to complement the efforts of the outside sales representatives, then this truly awakens the sales process, making sales goals more reachable.

    In our recent report on the role of inside sales in winning business, we found that more and more organizations are counting on their inside sales teams to draw on, and build upon, commitments from new and existing customers. Just look at these trends:

    • Inside sales is anticipated to grow at 15 times the rate of outside sales.
    • Since 2007, the average size of inside sales groups has almost tripled.

    When you look at the reasons behind the trend, it makes complete sense. For example, it’s estimated that inside salespeople average two hundred outbound calls and e-mails per week. That’s a tremendous opportunity when it comes to reaching prospects and existing customers.

    So while it is true that face-to-face selling still has unmatched value, it’s the wise organization that deploys or awakens the remarkable power of the inside sales team in its efforts to reach its sales goals.

    Sharon Daniels is CEO of AchieveGlobal in Tampa, Florida