• Are Your Demand Generation Tactics Failing To Connect With Buyers?

    Demand generation is essential to succeed in B2B IT and software sales today. But many demand generation tactics fail to truly connect with buyers, according to a 2014 benchmarking study. The solution? A strategic approach to creating effective buyer personas and tailoring content to their needs.

    The benchmarking study, conducted by ANNUITAS, was based on a survey of over 100 enterprises. The study also revealed that:

    • The metrics and KPIs used by marketing teams often don’t reflect the organization’s true goals and objectives.
    • Marketing teams need to interact more closely with sales in developing demand generation strategies and activities.

    3 Tips For Connecting With Your Buyers

    You’ve created effective messaging and you’re ready to establish meaningful, productive connections with prospects and customers are the right personas for your message through demand generation. Here are three tips to do it effectively:

    1. Use Marketing Automation To Target Who Your Message Reaches
    Marketing automation software is a powerful tool for your IT sales process, making it easier to track and respond to every new prospect in your contact database. Start by defining your ideal buyer persona or personas and determine whether or not your prospect database matches those personas. If yes, determine where each of your prospects currently falls in the buying cycle for your business software.

    Then, use a lead scoring model within your marketing automation software that aligns with your sales process. A lead scoring model automatically tracks your prospect’s buyer behavior and website activity, and analyzes this data to determine whether he or she has the right level of interest in your software and if he or she matches the desired demographics of your buyer persona(s). If the prospects are a good match, they take action in response to your messaging and you have solid, marketing-qualified leads to send to your sales team.

    2. Utilize Software Trials To Answer Prospect Questions
    Too many companies think of their business software trial as just another way to lure prospects into a purchase, but that’s not an effective way to attract today’s B2B customers. Instead, focus on meeting your prospects’ needs that you determine from your persona development, and use the software trial as an opportunity to help answer their questions.

    Here’s how it works: In your sales conversations, encourage the prospect to envision a solution to whatever problems he or she currently faces. Then, with that vision still fresh in your prospect’s mind, finalize a free software trial for them to test out. If the prospect’s vision of a solution matches with your software, the value you’re offering becomes obvious.

    When you confirm the details of the software trial, ask your prospect if he or she would like to receive an immediate follow up to answer any questions that arise. Once you’ve answered those questions and resolved any further objections, it’s the perfect time to send the prospect a quote for the final sale.

    3. Stay In Touch With Your Prospects
    Due to changing buyer behavior in the B2B space, offering customized, helpful information to your prospects is essential to turn them into sales leads. To provide the most relevant offers to prospects, start by analyzing insights you’ve gained from your marketing automation software and your trials to gain a better understanding of your prospects’ specific needs and questions.

    With this information in mind, stay in touch with your prospects by periodically offering them additional content offers or event information they might find useful.


    Tailoring your content and demand generation touch points helps you connect and develop long-term relationships with prospects and future customers. Over time, this approach tends to drive higher sales revenue and give your demand generation tactics a strong, measurable ROI.

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