• Why Allocate a Portion of Your Marketing Dollars to Warm Up Leads?

    According to a Forrester study conducted jointly with the Business Marketing Association (BMA), B2B marketers expect to see budgets rise an average of 6% in 2014. With the influx of investment looming, businesses are wondering how to spend their marketing dollars. Should a portion of this be allocated to warm up leads?


    Consider that, 73% of all B2B leads are not sales ready. This puts the weight of warming up leads for the sales funnel on the shoulders of the marketing department.

    With the goal of marketing to assist the sales process – the ultimate goal being to close the deal – investing in your marketing capabilities to warm leads should be a critical budget allocation choice.

    How can marketing get this done? The answer: Sales Outsourcing. Consider these advantages of investing in your marketing department’s ability to outsource their lead generation and nurturing process:

    Strengthened partnership between marketing and sales

    With a proficient marketing process in place, leads are generated, nurtured, and followed up on till the sale is eminent. The hand-off process from marketing to sales closes the deal, providing credibility to the lead and strengthening the marketing/sales partnership.

    Results in Less Time

    It can take as little as 3 months of lead generation outsourcing to garner results once a program is up and running. When outsourcing lead generation you skip the step of having to hire and train professionals about your business. Instead you are provided lead generation specialists who cut down the sales ramp required internally to get actionable leads fast.

    Multi-channel = Multi-Returns

    Considering that always-on marketing is the future, by using a lead generation partner company you can maintain a constant presence using a blend of what works: networking, online and off-line communication, and any social groups your prospects frequent.


    There are undeniable benefits for having your marketing department warm up leads for your sales funnel. These benefits are multiplied when you consider outsourcing your lead generation and nurturing process to a qualified metrics-based firm that specializes in the field. The most likely line items in your marketing budget are content development, website improvements, events and corporate memberships.  The key ROI metric that matters in the end from all this investment is pipeline impact from these programs.  We advocate that you make lead development externally a strategic line item to help you show that ROI.

    Interested in finding out about the ROI you could see by investing your marketing budget externally? Check out these resources for Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing.


    Photo Credit: TaxCredits.net