• A Scientific Approach to Telecom Sales: How To Drive Results

    Successful telecom sales providers utilize unique processes and take extra steps to move from being sales representatives to become sales scientists. A scientific approach to telecom sales goes beyond basic sales techniques and ensures that you will see strong, consistent results. Additionally, utilizing a scientific approach enables outsourced telecommunication sales providers to more accurately assess what is contributing to or preventing sales success and either correct or stay on course as necessary.

    There are 3 qualities to look for in an outsourced telecommunication sales provider to ensure they are truly utilizing a scientific approach to their sales processes.


    Photo by RDECOM (Flickr user)

    1. Living By the Sales Equation

    Like most other scientific processes, a scientific approach to telecom sales utilizes an equation that, when followed, results in sales success. Following a formula ensures consistent production of results. An example of an equation is:

    Activity x Effectiveness = Results

    In this case, Activity refers to the amount of time and effort spent working to get sales. The amount of dials made, quotes given and various other ways of giving time and attention to prospective customers are all correlated to the results that will be seen.

    Effectiveness reflects the sales ability of the salesperson, even when faced with obstacles in the sales process. Rapport with prospects, as well as skills in asking for the business and closing the sale contribute to the effectiveness measure.

    Results, of course, refers to the sales that result from the salesperson’s effort and ability. In addition to adding revenue for the client, the salesperson receives personal incentives such as bonuses, commissions and job security.

    2. Mastering the Product

    Best-in-class salespeople are experts of their product. Your outsourced telecommunication sales provider’s knowledge of your product should be at or even above your own knowledge. Beyond your product, they should also have an in-depth knowledge of the overall market as well as the elements and processes of the sales cycle that typically encounter.

    Telecom sales providers should aim to have a team composed of exceptional salespeople built through a detailed hiring process that utilizes both qualitative and quantitative measures to identify the top talent with the skills, passion and experience needed to be a successful salesperson. Additionally, your sales provider should offer continuous training opportunities to ensure that their sales team is able to keep up with the latest changes in both your product and the marketplace.

    3. Operating with a Data Driven Consultative Approach

    Outsourced telecommunication sales providers who deliver exceptional results do so in large because of their ability to understand and analyze the data that occurs throughout the sales process. Your sales provider should operate as a partner, offering proactive recommendations to improve results based on their uncovering of insights and analysis of ongoing performance results. Data should flow both directions and your partner should be the first to interpret the story it tells for you.

    Additionally, telecom sales providers who focus on building long-term partnerships with clients are able to gain an in-depth knowledge of the unique qualities of your products and the market through extensive first-hand experience. This knowledge allows your sales provider to more accurately operate the sales operation based on the unique qualities of your product.

    Science Drives Results

    Working with true sales scientists offers assurance that your sales efforts will achieve exceptional results. Using a proven formula, top performing telecom sales providers are able to deliver consistent results. These best-in-class telecommunication sales organizations are also distinguished by their partnership approach and in-depth knowledge of their clients’ products and the marketplace within which they operate. So, when looking for an outsourced telecom sales provider, be sure to find the sales scientists to ensure you drive significant sales results.

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