• A Day in the Life of a Sales Trainer for an Outsourced Sales Program

    Interview with Cindy Tincher, Sales Trainer at Invenio Solutions®

    I am excited to kick off the first in our brand new, “A day in the life of…” series, starting with an interview with our resident Sales Trainer, Cindy Tincher, to uncover the methodology behind sales specific training for an outsourced sales program; whether it be lead generation or full cycle sales.

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    The sales training process must be built upon company culture, Tincher states. “From the very beginning, it’s our culture to show new hires that we are happy to have them here, that they’re not just a number.” This is a crucial first step as the attitude carries over to how the eventual sales representatives treat prospects and customers down the road.

    The next step is to instill the ability to work well within a team. “We train them to excel both individually but also to pull other people up,” notes Tincher, through a system of rewards and positive reinforcement of teamwork within her new hire training classes.

    Once the training foundation, consisting of inclusive company culture and an emphasis on teamwork, is laid, Tincher begins drilling into the product knowledge. “We work on product both intensively and extensively.” Speaking of her specific method of relaying product knowledge, Tincher first provides the plethora of information trainees need to master by the end of their training session. Then, she calls on them to relay the information back to her, with the help of their teammates of course. This exercise acts as a knowledge absorption tool with the added benefit of instilling self-pride in the trainees for learning such concepts in a short period of time. The bonus: feelings of camaraderie that begin to develop amongst trainee teams, ones that often carry over once they are on the sales floor.

    Elaborating further on her techniques, Tincher mentions gamification. “Gamification is becoming the rule for sales environments.” Whether it’s a high-tech variation, conducted online with avatars and badges, or lo-tech with a simple points and rewards system – the notion of incentivizing individuals in a training environment in an engaging and “fun” way works superbly in preparing them for an actual sales environment.

    Further along in training, Tincher begins to delve into Invenio’s specific brand of sales process, Inveniology.  At this point, she begins to “marry the process to the product.” Here, the trainees learn the specific techniques that distinguish Invenio from in-house sales teams and other sales solutions – here is where they learn techniques to ensure their specific client will “love us” for producing results.  This is also the point at which the testing begins. The testing measures the trainees’ retention of product and process knowledge, with scores reflecting both the personal best of each trainee as well as the overall team score. This once again, reinforces the team work aspect which carries over to the sales floor.

    The next step is familiarizing trainees with the systems and CRMs they will use in their day-to-day. Here, Tincher ties in the systems with the process, and emphasizes how they all fit in with the product. Product specific and process specific testing at this juncture further drills in the necessary know-how to equip trainees with the essential tools needed to be successful on the sales floor.

    While the learning process of a sales scientist is on-going, the training process they face at the onset is rounded off with sales specific scenarios to help transition each individual from trainee to sales representative.  Toward the end of the training process, “there’s a mock-call, there’s a check-ride of all the systems,” notes Tincher. “The training environment is not just about learning the products, and the processes and the systems – it’s about learning the culture and how to work in our production-based environment. Which is why our environment in the training room mirrors the environment on the sales floor.”

    As an outsourced sales partner, our success depends on our client’s success and the role of the Sales Trainer ensures that our training for sales program teams is outstanding.

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