• A Day in the Life of a B2B Sales Recruiter

    A top-notch B2B sales representative is a product of discovery and refinement. Before an individual is cultivated into a top level B2B sales rep, they must first be discovered and recruited.  In our “A Day in the Life of…” series this week, we delve into the art and science of recruitment for B2B sales talent.

    Recruiters as Gatekeepers

    A gatekeeper in a traditional B2B sales setting is the individual a sales rep must get past to get to the decision maker and close the sale. In a B2B sales recruitment setting, the recruiter too acts as a gatekeeper – they are the individual that the B2B sales candidate must initially impress to gain access to the organization and secure an interview with a decision maker.

    Exhibit Key Qualities

    When hunting for a top notch B2B sales rep, recruiters weed out potential candidates from the rest by determining which exhibit certain key qualities possessed by successful sales reps. Specifically, attributes such as tenacity, curiosity and organization are key indicators of the potential success of a B2B sales rep.

    The Right Kind of Experience

    While having previous sales experience certainly qualifies a candidate to be in the running as a B2B sales rep, the particular type of experience is a better indicator of whether or not they pass through the gatekeeper recruiters. Invenio® recruiters scan for B2B-specific sales experience alongside the type of technical expertise that is integral to a sales rep’s day to day function. One example of the type of technical experience B2B sales recruiters source for is an understanding of CRM systems and processes.

    Targeted Interviewing Approach

    Recruiters seeking out top level B2B sales talent probe candidates to determine if they are both a technical and cultural fit within the company, and for the specific business solution they’re recruited. Candidates are evaluated based on past behaviors, with a special focus on core strengths and weaknesses to determine their projected success as a B2B sales rep.  This evaluation takes place using Invenio’s own proprietary tools and methodology.

    Predicting a Successful Hire

    Through this methodology of testing, screening, interviewing and evaluating candidates, B2B sales-specific recruiters are able to predict which candidates will make successful hires. Invenio recruiters evaluate every piece of information regarding a candidate based on a metrics-based formula that forecasts for B2B sales rep success.

    Top level B2B sales reps go beyond the traditional realm of sales. B2B sales-specific recruiters employ an expertise in analytics, metrics and methodologies to hire sales reps that exhibit the same – with an added proficiency to close sales.

    To learn more about Invenio’s recruitment, hiring and training process for producing top level Sales Scientists, click here.