• 9 Tips for Motivating and Retaining Talented Employees

    Retaining talented employees is essential to the success of your company; yet, it can sometimes be almost as difficult as finding them. Here are 9 tips to make sure your most valuable employees stick around.

    retaining employees


    Establish a relationship of trust and comfort with your employees. Don’t treat them as workers but as people.


    Find your way of telling them you’ve noticed the efforts they make.


    Make sure you’ve clearly told your employees what their goals, responsibilities, and expectations are. When it seems like they are not as successful as they could/should be, address the issue in private. Show them you care about their success as individuals as much as the success of the organization itself.

    Recognize Performance

    Be fair and consistent in the way you evaluate your employees’ work.


    Get employees’ ideas and opinions. Involve employees in plans and decisions, especially those that affect them.  Encourage initiative.


    Allow employees to learn and grow. Link the goals of the organization with the goals of each individual.


     Pay close attention to employees’ concerns – both work-related and personal.

    Share information

    Always be clear and honest with your employees.


    Take time to acknowledge and savor the successes and milestones reached – both organizational and personal. This will contribute to creating an organizational culture that is open, trusting, and fun.

    *: List inspired from Bob Nelson’s 1001 Ways to Reward Employees and 1001 Ways to Energize Employees.

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    Photo by Brooke Novak