• 7 Ways To Drive Leads At Healthcare Events And Tradeshows

    Representing your company at an industry-wide tradeshow or healthcare event requires a significant commitment of time and resources. Ideally, your presence at the event is a way to energize your healthcare marketing and generate sales leads, but you must be prepared to seize that interest and maintain momentum.

    The post-tradeshow buzz often lasts no more than a week on social media. For media follow-up and internal conversations, the window of opportunity is typically a month, according to a recent article on Slant, a best practices blog for B2B healthcare communicators.

    If you don’t have your follow-up strategy in place before the tradeshow, you’re likely to miss that opportunity to drive traffic and leads. The result? Much of your company’s investment in attending the event is lost, without the attainment of significant ROI.

    Here are seven ideas for driving healthcare sales from a tradeshow or similar event:

    1. Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Booth
    Develop a plan for engaging your prospects before they travel to the show and once they arrive in the host city, suggests an article by healthcare marketing consulting firm Martino Flynn. When you invite your target prospects to visit your booth, offer them an incentive, such as demos and other relevant information, as well as attractive giveaways and/or engaging entertainment.

    2. Capture Lead Information
    How you capture contact information from prospects and booth visitors can drastically impact event ROI. Since you have a limited amount of time in which to follow up with these leads, you want to collect their information in an efficient manner.

    While you could manually enter this information on lead sheets using pre-printed forms, many tradeshows now offer some type of electronic lead retrieval system, according to an article on Offthespool.net. These could include badge scanners, QR code readers or smartphone apps. Use this service if possible, and your lead database will be delivered in electronic form, instead of having to slowly type in data from paper lead sheets.

    3. Add Lead Data To Your CRM
    Whether you use lead sheets or electronic lead retrieval, it is imperative to upload the information you’ve gathered to your CRM database to facilitate your ongoing marketing and sales efforts. It’s equally essential to upload the information in a timely manner for effective follow-up (see Tip 5).

    4. Conduct “Lead Triage”
    After the event, your first priority should be “lead triage.” This is the process of assigning leads to the right people through marketing automation and CRM systems.

    “It’s a joint effort behind the scenes to manage different campaigns,” says Lauren Tilelli, a healthcare marketing professional. “We make sure we share the right materials in follow-up, based on our tracking of what was demoed on-site, and connect people with a product expert to take a deep dive.”

    5. Follow Up Quickly With Prospects
    Call or email within five days to follow up with prospects from the tradeshow. You may also want to connect with these individuals via social media, particularly via LinkedIn.

    6. Track Your Leads
    Use your CRM system to keep track of each interaction you have with leads from the tradeshow, including any purchases. This helps you to assess the quality of leads and maintain promising relationships.

    7. Assess Your ROI For The Tradeshow
    Take time to discuss the results of the tradeshow in terms of your healthcare sales and marketing, paying particular attention to lead quality. Assessing your ROI for attending helps you decide whether to return next time, or to dedicate those resources to representing your company at a different event.

    In the end, the key is to have your follow-up strategy in place before the tradeshow or healthcare event. By using these seven ideas, you’re far more likely to achieve positive returns on an event investment, such as driving quality traffic to your website and attracting your target prospects.

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