• 6 Ways to Ensure Inbound Marketing Isn’t Sabotaging Outbound Marketing and Lead Nurturing

    Inbound marketing is the hottest new thing these days. In addition to our traditional forms of outbound outreach, marketers today are creating more content than ever before and advertising and sharing this content for the ultimate goal of capturing new leads via a lead web form.

    As we all know, a decent percentage of these “new” leads enter invalid contact information or incomplete information. This invalid and incomplete data has now contaminated your house list. The same list you use for lead nurturing campaigns and telemarketing follow up.

    Don’t let inbound efforts derail your outbound marketing and telemarketing follow up.

    Here are 6 things to help ensure your inbound marketing doesn’t sabotage your outbound marketing and follow up efforts. Some of these should be done in-house and for others you should consider a lead generation services partner.

    • Make sure all forms require a valid email address. Content, demo access or other offer behind the form should only be emailed to the email address given. [this can be done in-house]
    • Create a lead nurturing campaign to encourage more engagement. Consider offering some free content or trial and follow up with another piece of form-gated content with additional form fields for further qualification. [this can be done in-house or outsource to a lead generation services partner]
    • Build out a process for sifting through forms for inaccuracies. [We recommend this be outsourced to a lead generation services partner as this enables your sales team to focus on real opportunities.]
    • Be sure to mark all inbound leads with a lead source. This will be helpful when reporting on inbound conversion results. [this can be done inhouse, typically  with rules in CRM or marketing automation systems]
    • Have a telesales team follow up with all responders to lead nurturing programs and demo requests. [We recommend you outsource this to a lead generation services partner as it enables your sales team to focus on real opportunities.]
    • Build out buyer profiles at the companies that are already visiting and filling out forms. [We recommend you outsource this as a lead generations services partner will have the resources for this extensive volume of work.]

    Don’t get caught up in all the excitement of the traffic and lead forms coming in. How are you ensuring your inbound and outbound marketing are working in harmony?

    Get a plan in place NOW. Each day you wait more and more incomplete, inaccurate and invalid contacts are piling up. And as a lead generation services partner to numerous businesses and nonprofits, Invenio Solutions® has the experience and resources to assist you with any of the above.  Contact us today at 800.926.1754 to learn more.