• 6 Red Flags To Avoid In A Potential Outsourced Lead Generation Partner

    Your business is always looking for new ways to boost top-line growth, and outsourcing your lead generation or sales process is a good strategy to help you achieve that goal.

    What To Avoid When Searching For An Outsourced Lead Generation PartnerWhile deciding to outsource sales is one step in the process, selecting the right partner for your business is another. There are a lot of outsourced lead generation vendors out there, so how do you tell which one is right for you?

    Only you know which partner’s pricing and services fit your business best, but here are six red flags to avoid in a potential outsourced sales and lead generation partner – no matter how slick or sly their sales pitch:

    Red Flag #1: They Want To Write A Sales Script

    We’ve already covered why a sales script is a solid start to a bad customer relationship, so watch out if your potential vendor says they’ll develop a script for you. Or, if they ask what your current sales script is, that might be a sign they plan on using a script themselves.

    Remember that there are no “magic words” when it comes to the sales process, and no rigid, set script – whether your own or a potential partner’s – will help you generate the top-line growth you’re looking for.

    Red Flag #2: They Don’t Use Metrics-Driven Reporting

    If a potential outsourced lead generation partner doesn’t ask or speak about your sales metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs), consider that a red flag. If they don’t show interest in a multitude of different KPIs for your business, it also means that they might not have the infrastructure in place to provide you with insightful reporting.

    Not only is data-driven sales reporting essential to strong revenue growth, but a lack of metrics indicates that a partner isn’t interested in truly understanding your business. Vendors like this often aren’t looking to solve problems but only point fingers later on.

    Red Flag #3: They Have Poor Sales Team Management

    When shopping for a potential outsourced sales partner, you should also ask about how they manage their sales team. If they maintain a rep-to-management number greater than 20-to-1, then it’s a sure sign that they aren’t developing and training their staff in a way that best benefits your business.

    For the best long-term results, your company deserves a lead generation partner that has a robust hiring funnel and a sales training program that continually develops your designated personnel.

    Red Flag #4: They Don’t Care About Lead Qualification

    While generating a particular number of leads is important, you should never sign on with a vendor that focuses only on the quantity of leads without also focusing on quality. Vendors that don’t offer lead qualification are just setting appointments for your team, and unqualified leads are worse than having no leads at all.

    A reliable outsourced lead generation partner understands the entire sales process and is concerned about whether any given lead will close into a sale – even if that closing happens with your in-house team. When it comes to outsourcing for lead generation, always be sure that your leads are qualified and ready for your closing team.

    Red Flag #5: They Only Specialize In One Sales Funnel Facet

    Every outsourced sales partner has a specialization, and specialization is good, particularly if you have a weak section of your sales funnel that you need filled. However, be aware of potential vendors that only specialize and operate in one facet of the sales funnel.

    If a partner doesn’t have a proven history with a diverse amount of sales approaches, then it probably isn’t the partner you should be looking for. Without experience with the entire sales funnel, a too-specialized vendor won’t be growing your top line.

    Red Flag #6: They Can’t Sell You On Their Own Services

    By far the easiest red flag to spot in a potential outsourced lead generation partner is their ability to sell you on their own services. If they can’t sell their outsourced sales services, they ultimately won’t be good at selling your product.

    Plus, if their own pitch as a lead generation firm is poor, then it indicates that they have a weak sales training program for the rest of their sales teams.

    Finding the right lead generation partner for your company isn’t an easy task, but spotting a partner that isn’t a good fit is a lot easier. Avoid these red flags in your search and soon enough the best and brightest sales team shines through.

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