• 5 Ways to Make Social Media Work for Your Business

    Today’s consumers look to the internet to gather information; therefore, businesses without an active online presence, whether that be with an effective website or a lively social media effort, are missing a huge opportunity to connect with buyers. Believe it or not there are some organizations that don’t use social media as an online tool for lead generation. Here are our top reasons why incorporating social media can be effective for your business.

    It’s free – Except for the cost of manpower to feed the information, that is. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn do not require any subscriptions to utilize their services. Granted if you want to get more features from LinkedIn, you can purchase a membership, but you are still able to access all of the basic functions without it.

    Internal communication – Ensure that all of your employees are on the same page and conveying the same message. This should be the case across the organization, even if you have different lines of businesses that utilize social media to create awareness about company initiatives. All should be familiar with the overall direction of the company and the goals that it has in place.

    Empower your employees – Who else is going to believe in you if not your employees? They are what makes your business successful. They can also put out a good word for your organization – or worse yet, spread a bad word. The power to successfully promote your business lies in your employee’s hands. Encourage them to follow your company on Twitter, ‘like’ you on Facebook and connect with you on LinkedIn. No longer is your business what you say it is; it’s what they say it is.

    Position yourself as the expert – Post relevant industry information while incorporating your thoughts to position your business as an expert. Once you prove credibility you will start building a group of followers. In the famous words from Field of Dreams, if you build it (credibility and expertise), they (your followers and with a good conversion rate, your customers) will come.

    Set realistic goals – If done correctly, social media can help lead generation efforts for your organization. However, you must keep in mind that you cannot solely depend on social media for your leads. Look at it as a way to promote your business offerings or to build brand awareness. Just keep in mind that utilizing social media is most effective when you are pushing quality versus quantity.

    What is currently working in your social media efforts? What best practices can you share to make social media effective for organizations?