• 5 Ways Your Software Sales Cycle Benefits From Outsourced Lead Generation

    Whether you’re selling a subscription-based software, a different SaaS solution or some other form of business software, you’re probably regularly looking at how to increase your top-line growth.

    Software Sales Cycle Benefits Of Outsourced Lead GenerationYou’ve read about many different ways to increase your software sales and optimize your sales cycle for maximum ROI. But there’s usually a limit to what you or your company can accomplish alone.

    Sometimes you need the expertise and reach that only come from working with an outsourced sales and lead generation company, especially one that has in-depth expertise in the software industry.

    Here are five ways that your software sales cycle benefits from the work of an outsourced lead generation firm:

    Benefit #1: You Stop Wasting Your Sales Team’s Time

    It’s no secret: Your software sales team hates cold-calling new prospects.

    With outsourced lead generation, you stop wasting the time that your sales team dials into disconnected numbers and poorly updated contact lists. In order to generate more leads, you don’t need a team with expert product knowledge – you simply need a team that specializes in cold calling and connecting you with prospects that aren’t a waste of your time.

    Benefit #2: You Smooth Out Your Revenue Generation

    Leaving lead generation to your current software sales team means your revenue is bound to be sharply cyclical as salespeople switch between prospecting and closing deals. Since your team doesn’t enjoy cold calling, they’ll likely abandon lead generation work once they have qualified prospects to work with.

    Then, once they’ve finalized all the deals in their personal pipeline, they’ll return to cold calling, but they’ll have to start from scratch. The result is a software sales cycle with sharp revenue peaks and valleys – a circumstance no sales manager wants to find him or herself in. With an outsourced lead generation team, you avoid these fluctuations and keep your revenue flow steady.

    Benefit #3: You Provide Higher Quality Leads To Your Sales Team

    Often, business software is targeted to a specific niche market that’s difficult to find accurate leads for. Outsourced lead generation helps your sales team filter through different candidate companies and provide only leads with a robust BANT (Budget, Authority, Need & Timeline) ready for closing.

    Especially in software sales, your leads need to have a specific timeline, a proper budget and leadership buy-in. Outsourcing your lead generation means your closers only receive leads that have been properly qualified according to all of these factors, which in turn means higher quality sales.

    Benefit #4: You Help Your Closers Finalize Deals More Effectively

    The software industry also benefits from outsourced lead generation because the specifics that are uncovered in the cold-calling process help your sales team close the deal more effectively. For example, many SaaS prospects find ease-of-integration and expected downtime to be key factors in their purchase decisions. When a lead generation expert is able to note these factors and inform your closer of a prospect’s specific concerns, your salesperson is able to address any objections without being blindsided.

    Not only do lead generation experts provide details around customer readiness, but they also help the prospect envision their ideal solution. And, when a lead is able to envision your solution as their ideal, your closer has little to do beyond help them sign the paperwork.

    Benefit #5: You Expand Your Company’s Sales Reach

    For established software companies, outsourced lead generation services help you expand your software sales into new markets. If you want to test multiple market segments, a lead generation company does the grunt work of determining whether or not a segment is worth pursuing further.

    In addition, an outsourced lead generation company is able to target multiple outside industries that you haven’t even attempted to enter yet. This not only takes lead generation off of your shoulders, but you also don’t have to do the initial work of adjusting your marketing or fine-tuning your message.

    It doesn’t matter which SaaS or subscription-based software you’re selling, outsourced lead generation carries clear benefits for your business. When you outsource the hard work of generating high-quality leads, your team of closers have no problem finalizing the deal.

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