• 5 Tips for Selecting a Lead Generation Provider

    After working with over 100 clients in the past 18 years, we have uncovered several pain points that organizations typically encounter when evaluating a lead generation provider. After reflecting on these issues, we have developed the following five tips to follow when making this important decision.


    1. Assert the need for transparency. Engaging with a lead generation provider can be a substantial investment of both your money and reputation. You have the right to know the complete details of the engagement, including  the team you will be working with and the tools that they will be using.
    2. Uncover the flexibility of the provider. Your industry changes constantly, and your company has to be agile enough to adjust its focus quickly. In turn, you have the right to be able to change the focus or direction of your sales efforts, and therefore your lead generation efforts. The expectation is that the provider you engage with will be open to change and committed to helping your company succeed.
    3. Stress the importance of accountability. A lead generation provider should be held accountable to ensure that they are delivering what has been promised. You have the right to be notified by the company if they are not able to perform up to these expectations as well as what their plan of action will be moving forward.
    4. Ensure that the provider will listen to you. Oftentimes, lead generation providers will seem very interested in your opinions at the beginning of an engagement but will stop listening as the engagement progresses. Open communication between both parties is vital to a successful engagement.
    5. Confirm that you will be valued. You have the right to be seen as more than a source of revenue to your lead generation provider and treated as such. Your opinions, ideas, and recommendations should be considered and appreciated by the company you are engaged with.


    It is important to set these expectations before you engage with a lead generation provider to ensure that you are both on the same page.