• 5 Telecom Sales Tips To Ensure Your Sales Funnel Is Consistently Full

    One of the most common problems in telecom sales is the team doesn’t have enough coming in from its sales channels to fill the top of the sales funnel.

    When you need to supplement your lead volume by generating more activity from different types of distribution channels, this is an ideal time to outsource to a telecom sales partner.

    The following are five tips to help your telecom maintain a nurtured and well-fed sales funnel to keep the revenue rolling in:

    Tip #1: Arm Your Telecom Sales Team With Sheer Manpower
    Especially advantageous to telecom sales is having 20 sales reps or more. With a high number of sales reps you can get a lot done in a day. When you have enough people to make a high volume of calls, the process becomes an efficient means to fill the top of the funnel and get qualified leads.

    Tip #2: Tend To Your Contact Database … Often
    While your sales reps are hard at work trying to call and close deals, your contact database is aging. As the aging continues – without any scrubbing, updating, appending or refreshing of prospect data – degradation occurs. If you clean up your prospect data and refresh it as this feedback comes in, you’ll have a better set of data the next time you attempt another prospect call.

    Tip #3: Notice When A Prospect Shifts To The Sales Nurture Path
    When you call a potential customer and they tell you to call them back in three months, you must make note. This is the exact moment the prospect gets off the marketing nurture path and onto the sales nurture path. This type of prospect, who is showing interesting in your offering, should be put on a calendar and given a status as a reminder to follow up with them again at the appropriate time.

    Tip #4: Integrate Your Phone Systems Within Your CRM
    Or, better yet, find a telecom sales partner that offers this technical capability. This type of software for CRMs has automated features to update and track various types of records within the system. You can tailor talk tracking to any marketing your telecom is putting out to potential customers and report on the results of your actions and success through this data.

    Tip #5: Outsource Your Sales To Boost Prospect Activity
    Basically, this goes back to the first tip: sheer manpower. You can hire an armada of in-house sales reps or you can go the route of outsourcing to telecom sales experts who are able to take one channel and run with it. With an outsourced sales team at your disposal, you increase manpower without overwhelming your overhead costs associated with new hires, attrition, re-hiring, training and ramp-up time.

    Every industry, not just telecom, struggles with tending to the top of the sales funnel when reps are really concerned with closing sales. But nurturing channels for new, prospective customers is special to telecom and critical to having consistent deals to close day after day.

    When you outsource sales to a telecom sales expert, your partner should know how to integrate the above tips to take that channel and really run with it.

    Ready to learn more about outsourced sales in the telecom industry?

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