5 Surefire Signs It’s Time

To Outsource Sales To An Expert

Whether it’s a lack of resources or the right direction for achieving your revenue goals, businesses often find their internal sales team experiences some struggles, while drifting further offshore from their intended revenue destination.

But, how do you really know if it is time to outsource some aspects of your sales process?

The following are five key signs an outsourced sales partner can help your business maintain and exceed the revenue goals it sets forth:

Sign #1: Your Sales Team Lacks Resources To Achieve Growth Goals
When you outsource sales, even if only to generate top-of-the-funnel activity, you avoid the increased overhead and administrative costs incurred by hiring more internal sales staff. In fact, outsourcing can be 50% cheaper over a 12-month period when factoring in training, ramp up and opportunity costs.

At the same time, an outsourced sales team makes it easier to manage your team and consistently hit your growth targets. When you partner with a sales expert, you’re also able to adjust your necessary bandwidth to suit the current needs of your business.

Sign #2: You Need To Improve Lead Quality And Conversion Rates
Working with an outsourced sales team increases the quantity of leads while also improving quality. Ideally, you should work with your sales expert to agree on specific lead generation factors, ensuring you’re only going after ideal prospects.

Also, a sales outsourcer helps you review important metrics that reveal where changes are needed to improve leads and conversion. Establishing this baseline is critical to knowing where you are and where you need to be. As a result, your conversion rates increase, improving your ROI.

Sign #3: Ramping Up Each Sales Representative Takes Too Long
Hiring a brand new internal sales team is costly and time consuming, especially for tech-oriented companies that lack the ability to train for sales skills. If you were to start today, it could take a year or more until your team finally hits its stride. Meanwhile, during that time, the market may have shifted in significant ways.

With outsourced sales representatives, you’re working with a seasoned, effective sales team, while avoiding the hassles of recruiting and a long ramp-up time. With an expert by your side, you should be able to ramp up an internal sales team in 30 days as opposed to six months.

Sign #4: Your Marketing And Sales Departments Aren’t Working Together
As you work to improve efficiency and drive revenue, it’s important to facilitate communication and collaboration across the sales cycle. If your marketing and sales teams aren’t able to communicate clearly with each other about every prospect they handle, it’s going to have a negative impact on your business – and your bottom line. When you outsource sales to an expert, they work to provide market feedback from the prospects they speak with.

Sign #5: Your Sales Team Is Too Focused On Prospecting
Of course, your salespeople are capable of scheduling their own appointments, but this isn’t the best use of their time. Your sales team instead needs to focus on closing deals. Finding leads is the responsibility of your marketing and lead generation teams, where outsourced sales representatives are the ones prospecting, qualifying and setting appointments for quality leads.

If these signs seem familiar to the current landscape of your sales process, it’s time to consider outsourcing aspects of your sales process to an expert. With the help of an experienced team of sales representatives, your team is better prepared to achieve the end goal of generating revenue.

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