• 5 Podcasts on Lead Generation You Should Be Listening To Right Now

    For the busy marketer who wants to stay up to date on the latest news, processes, and concepts in lead generation, podcasts offer an easy, convenient way to access the latest information. These online and app-based broadcasts are usually created by a company or individual, given them a personality that is often lacking in larger-scale productions. You can listen to podcasts online or through smartphone apps on your schedule, during a few minutes during a busy day or at your leisure when work is through. Here are five podcasts on lead generation that can give you actionable suggestions, further your marketing education, and help you with expanding your business.

    1. Perpetual Traffic Podcast

    Part of the Digital Marketer website, the Perpetual Traffic Podcast provides information on generating leads through Facebook ads and other resources. Much of the podcast’s content focuses on using Facebook for lead generation. Recent episodes have covered topics such as generating Facebook Messenger subscribers, Facebook paid traffic, and using the Facebook Pixel in ad campaigns. More general topics include video ads, content creation, and social media. A new episode is published every Tuesday.

    2. Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

    Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield is a wide-ranging marketing podcast with substantial information on lead generation, traffic, and related subjects. Porterfield regularly interviews top online marketers and presents their insights and suggestions for more effective marketing. Her podcast includes what she calls “mini-execution plans” as well as insight into her own marketing campaigns and launches and how they worked.

    3. Targeted Lead Generation Podcast

    The Targeted Lead Generation Podcast, by Manny Nowak of the Decision Institute, concentrates on lead generation techniques that Nowak has written about in his book, Targeted Lead Generation. His weekly podcasts, according to his website, feature a guest who is an expert in one of the techniques covered in the book. Nowak is a motivational speaker, educator, success coach, and consultant who emphasizes the benefits of effective lead generation.

    4. Lead Generation Podcast

    Nick Morris of Wicket Cow Marketing produces the Lead Generation Podcast. The program is focused on the lead generation needs of small businesses, with additional emphasis on creating sales processes that convert leads into customers. Morris is also interested in educating his listeners on how to use sales automation and other technology in their lead generation and sales efforts.

    5. Traffic and Leads Podcast

    Lindsey Anderson, who runs the One-Click Lindsey website and the Web Impakt marketing company, is the creator of the Traffic and Leads Podcast. Her broadcast covers topics such as making the best of use of social media to gain leads, finding leads with ads on Facebook and other platforms, and using marketing techniques to locate leads. Each episode of the podcast features a special guest who provides in-depth discussion of the episode’s relevant topic.

    Where to Find Podcasts

    Most lead generation podcasts will have their own website, or will be part of a marketer’s larger main site. Podcasts at these locations can be easily listened to online through your computer or tablet.

    Other podcasts will be available through smartphone apps such as Stitcher or iTunes. These apps give you quick and simple mobile access to podcasts (and archived episodes) that you can listen to from your phone while driving, working out, or relaxing.

    Podcasts can be a powerful resources to keep you and your team well informed on new and classic lead generation techniques. Contact us at Invenio for more information on informative lead generation podcasts and for expert help with your marketing and lead generation efforts.