• 5 Key Indicators It’s Time To Outsource Channel Sales For Your Telecom

    Selling telecom, you have numerous types of distribution channels, including feet-on-the-street presence reps, inbound with big-dollar ads driving customers, bureaucracy channels, and cross-sell and upsell channels that look at customer profiles and activities to increase current customer spend.

    In an ideal world, your in-house telecom sales team would be great and successful at all of them. But that’s probably not the case. You’re always going to have your core competencies and the outliers in need of additional outreach.

    The following are five signs it’s time to use channel partners to gain ground in new areas of potential revenue:

    1. You find gaps in outreach when analyzing customer profiles.

    As a telecom sales manager, you often look at your channels and customer profiles and, in general, know some people are hand raisers and others are going to respond to in-person visits.

    But, in 2016, you also know there’s still a large group of people who are responsive to telesales outreach.

    To truly maximize all of your business acquisition channels, each channel should overlap (at least somewhat) to cast the widest net possible. The money invested in advertising and inbound channels has a secondary effect to how people respond to your sales reps on the street and at their desks cold-calling prospects.

    When looking at customer profiles, you may notice a channel where sales have decreased, where sales are non-existent or where your competitors are doing well. That’s a gap in your outreach that needs to be rectified.

    Perhaps you do well with enterprise channel sales but not mid-markets, where your competitors are gaining ground. That’s a great opportunity to outsource that particular channel to a telecom sales partner.

    2. You want to focus on specialized campaigns.

    In telecom sales especially, there’s always going to be a need to focus on campaigns to address sales channels that have decreased or lack the proper attention necessary to drum up sales activity.

    The following are two specialized campaigns that make ideal channels for outsourcing to a telecom sales partner:

    Win-Back: Telecom customers do enter the buying process and then fall out before installation, or maybe they were established customers and quit your service or left after the end of their contract. A special campaign around this segment requires a nurturing, customer service approach that eventually turns into a sale.

    Hospitality: Hospitality has become a major focus for charter. These are typically bars and restaurants that go with a satellite provider for the lower rates. To tap into this segment, work must be done to go back and redesign your hospitality package for a new package offering. With the help of an outsourced telecom sales partner to focus on selling that new package, you may see an uptick in market penetration.

    3. Revenue or market share (or a combination within) is a prime KPI.

    Telecom sales, over time, has switched its focus from a revenue play to a market-share play. With revenue play, telecoms wanted to sell as much value of product – phone lines, the highest-speed internet, video services – as possible to try and load up the customer to an appropriate point. That was the game plan for a long time.

    Now the trend within telecom sales is to gain market share and customers. The focus is no longer on how deep into a sale you can go. However, both are important. And whether you want a channel sales outsourcer that can help with revenue or market share, you ideally want a telecom sales partner that is able to focus on either play and be successful.

    4. Seasonality is impacting sales results.

    Typically, if a telecom provider hasn’t used telesales before, it takes its yearly revenue goal and divides that number by 12. But this does not work.

    For example, imagine if you’re selling telecom services to a northern region where you can’t do any construction to reach customers because the ground is frozen. The winter season won’t offer good sales months, and you’ll spend the following spring months trying to recover that lost revenue.

    However, when seasonality is impacting your telecom sales, that’s also an opportunity to work with a channel partner that takes a big interest in the regions you’re selling into.  If your partner understand regional channels and where each region’s natural seasonality falls, it knows exactly what to expect and how to use more productive months to mitigate the financial effects of seasonality.

    5. You have a unique channel offer or price change and you want to measure.

    Simply put: It’s more cost effective to use test markets with an outsourced sales partner. A special offer or price change doesn’t necessitate spending from your main advertising budget for billboards or radio and TV spots. Outsourcing to a telecom sales partner to push out a new offer is a great way to find out if a promotion resonates with a client base.

    Considering all the types of distribution channels your telecom could explore, it’s easy to see why it makes sense to use channel partners. When you want access to experts, fast results, financial gains, accelerated regional grown and more, outsourcing avenues of channels sales offers your telecom a number of compelling benefits.

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