• 5 Indicators That It’s Time To Find An Outsourced Sales Partner

    Your in-house sales department isn’t functioning as well as it once did. You follow best practices, but the changes you’ve made haven’t improved things. It’s time to consider working with an outsourced sales partner if you’ve hit any of these brick walls:

    1. You’re struggling to find and hire new employees.
    Some turnover is to be expected: It’s the nature of the business. But if you’re experiencing constant, disruptive personnel churn, it’s time to outsource to a partner that has hiring and onboarding down to a science.

    2. Training new sales reps is straining day-to-day-business.
    If providing sales and lead gen training for new reps is a pain point, you’re not functioning well. Many companies use high-producing senior reps to train new staff, but they may not be effective teachers. Also, when those reps are training, they’re not producing, and they’re not getting their bonuses, so they’re not happy. If you’re experiencing these unnecessary operational strains, it’s time to outsource to a partner that is focused on training sales reps in the latest best practices.

    3. You can’t ensure that your data is uniform.
    Prospect database management is an essential function of the sales department. Given the number of information fields in any customer relationship management (CRM) program, it’s inevitable that reps will fill in some and skip many others. Identify the fields that are most important and task a sales manager with monitoring completion of those fields. If data collection isn’t being managed properly, it’s time to outsource to a partner that is set up to maintain tighter control over reps’ work process.

    4. Your internal efforts to scale aren’t showing the results you need.
    Scaling staff size to reflect workload demand should result in an increase in production per rep and an associated drop in cost per rep. If you’re not reaping the benefits of scaling your in-house efforts, it’s time to outsource to a partner that is able to handle sales process scalability seamlessly.

    5. You’ve run out of other places to cut expenses.
    You’ve implemented every savings you can, and there really is just nowhere else to cut without affecting production, which is already too low. If you’ve hit that wall, it’s time to look for a new solution.

    Plus 3 Benefits Of Outsourcing

    Whether you’re solving one of these problems or all five of them, outsourcing some or all of the functions of your sales department will pay off in three major ways:

    1. You’ll remove staffing strains.
    By moving hiring and training to a partner that is set up to do it, you’ll stop burdening your in-house reps, especially the senior people you’ve been relying on to do the training. Productivity and morale will improve. Your HR department will thank you as well since it won’t be spending all that time trying to recruit, vet and process new sales reps.

    2. You’ll improve efficiency and streamline operations.
    A good outsourced sales partner has procedures and management – both personnel management and systems management – in place to make sure that things are done right. A partner can do this better, faster and more efficiently than you.

    3. You’ll save money.
    Due to the efficiencies of scale and the professional expertise a partner offers, you’ll improve your results while saving money. Outsourcing some or all of your in-house sales functions could cut your costs for such tasks in half.

    Companies evolve; you have to adapt to survive. There’s no shame in admitting that you can’t handle these pains. Let someone else handle them for you, while you get back to what your business excels at doing.

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