• 5 Advantages Of Working With An Outsourced Sales Partner

    It may be a little scary to outsource your sales and lead generation processes, but a partner can provide both manpower and expertise well beyond what your inside sales team offers, especially if you’re targeting small- or medium-sized businesses. Many companies have found that working with an outsourced sales partner provides five major advantages:

    1. Staffing Expertise

    Managing a sales department comes with the challenges of hiring and training sales reps. These tasks are certainly outside the scope of your core business activities and may also be outside the expertise of your HR staff. Add to that the notoriously difficult task of retaining reps, and you have a headache waiting to strike.

    However, an outsourced sales partner has the systems in place to handle all of these functions, since they are its core business activities. An outsourced partner is set up to recruit, hire and train – as well as provide ongoing training – with an operational efficiency you’ll never be able to match. Already having recruiters and a talent pool to pull from gives your partner a significant head start on getting reps on phones.

    2. Seamless Scalability

    In an ideal world, you could scale your sales staff up and down in response to fluctuations in operational demand. These fluctuations may be expected or not, but either way you sometimes find yourself suddenly needing way more (or way fewer) sales reps this quarter than you did last quarter.

    Both upsizing and downsizing present their own costs and logistical problems when handled in-house. When you work with a sales partner, it deals with all those problems, so all you have to do is decide how many reps you need on the phones right now.

    3. Economies Of Scale

    Managing staff, like any business function, offers economies of scale. Your partner probably manages a staff numbering in the hundreds, so it can provide sellers at a per-employee cost reflecting that scale. By outsourcing, you pay for only the size staff you need at the lower per-employee cost of an operation 10 or 20 times (or more) the size of the team you need.

    4. Perspective And Expertise

    Selling involves a skill set and knowledge base that is probably distant from your own core business but right in the wheelhouse of a company that does nothing but sales and lead generation. Your partner can provide a perspective that comes from outside your company culture, allowing it to bypass the group-think issues that often arise when key staff has been in place for a long time.

    Your partner can also help with analysis, since it is an expert in interpreting all of the kinds of data available. When you handle sales internally, generally your managers are looking at a couple of KPIs, but you probably don’t have a trained analyst on staff digging deeper.

    5. The Means To Hit ROI Targets

    Staffing and maintaining an inside sales department may be difficult or, depending on the budget you’re working with, impossible. Sales managers are usually given specific departmental ROI targets, but might struggle to find new ways to increase revenue and decrease costs.

    An outside partner can do both, for the reasons mentioned above. Its well-trained staff and operational insight will help you increase productivity. Plus, an outsourced sales partner can charge as little as half what it would cost you to run your own department, since you’re avoiding not only personnel costs (salaries, benefits) but physical plant costs (office space, equipment). This puts you in a position to meet, or even exceed, your ROI targets.

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