• 4 Reasons Why Your Sales Team Ramp Up Is Longer Than It Should Be

    Ramping up your sales pipeline with more personnel isn’t a quick and simple process. Many businesses think they can simply grow their revenue streams by hiring salespeople who will quickly and easily turn around more income for the company.


    Unfortunately, ramping up a new, in-house sales team (or adding to your current team) is slower than most companies expect – costing them more time, effort and resources than originally allocated. Here are the top four reasons why your sales team ramp up is taking longer than it should (and how to ramp up the right way instead):

    #1: No Sales Hiring Roadmap

    Without first creating a roadmap for hiring new sales talent or lead generation specialists, your team takes much longer to ramp up because you don’t have a long-term strategy for each team member, including career development and sales specializations (more below).

    #2: No Sales Training Acclimation

    Sales team training is critical to your team’s ability to ramp up quickly, but your training might be too comprehensive. That is, if you don’t allow for hands-on testing and acclimation, then no matter how thorough your sales training, your new sales team members will always be lagging behind for lack of experiential learning.

    #3: Too Many Hurdles

    Every company has sales systems and marketing automation platforms that new sales team members have to learn and adjust to, but many businesses have too many systems that are just too complex. These complicated systems become major hurdles for your sales team to ramp up your revenue within a reasonable timeframe.

    #4: No Team Specializations

    Ramping up the results of your sales process doesn’t just require a greater quantity of sales team members, but it also requires a deeper quality in their specializations. Some salespeople are better at closing deals, while others are more successful at lead generation and appointment setting. In order to truly increase your revenue and results, your sales team training needs to take these specializations and niche strengths into account.

    Now that you know why your sales team ramp up is taking longer than it should, here are a few tips on how to ramp up your revenue the right way:

    Ramping Up Your Sales Team The Right Way

    In order to minimize your recruiting costs and reduce turnover on your sales team – both factors that turn into long-term revenue – implement the following practices in your sales training and hiring:

    • Test frequently: You should test all sales team members’ proficiencies before you hire them, and then keep testing them while they undergo training. Once training is complete, test them again.
      Frequent testing ensures that you’ve found the right salesperson (when hiring) and that your training is effective and long lasting. Testing also allows you to measure which aspects of training have the greatest ROI.
    • Space out training: Overly technical or comprehensive training causes employee attrition (which hurts long-term revenue), so space out your training between periods of hands-on learning which are fun and easy to understand. After some on-the-job training, your sales team can always return to the classroom for more advanced training later on.
    • Measure everything: You already measure every aspect of your sales cycle to increase your ROI, and the same principle should be applied to your sales team. Track data on when personnel are most likely to quit, which team members need the most help, who is performing perfectly on track and why your best sales reps are performing better than others. This data helps you make smarter decisions when it comes to ramping up future team members.
    • Coach, coach, coach: Sales team training is a never-ending process, and you should always track who needs extra coaching and when. Even your best-performing sales veterans might need a coaching session at different points in their careers, so always look for teaching moments. The more well coached your sales team, the better they’ll be at ramping up in the short-term and driving revenue in the long-term.

    Whether you’re building a brand-new sales team or you’re working with an outsourced lead generation partner, it’s critical that your dedicated sales team receives the training it needs to succeed in ramping up your sales pipeline for maximum revenue and results.

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