• 4 Questions You Shouldn’t Have to Ask Your B2B Sales Partner

    Cooperating with a B2B sales partner is a way to exponentially increase the quality and quantity of your leads; it is an even a better way to gain invaluable insight into your business and its processes. Indeed, through their daily activities, lead generation firms gather a significant amount of information on your prospects and customers.

    Competent lead generation firms will systematically include this data in their reporting, helping you enhance your strategic efforts and grow revenue even faster.  Here are some questions you should never have to ask your B2B sales partner:

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    1. What are the recurring objections brought up by leads?

    Your lead generation partner should be acting as an extension of your own sales team. Any insight that can help you better understand your buyer should be shared with you. Such information can help you perfect your buyer personas and flesh out your marketing strategies to better target prospective buyers.

    2. What happened to my lead after you contacted them?

    Lead records should be updated in real-time to properly assess one’s interest and time sales initiatives. Furthermore, your lead generation partner should be giving you access to the dashboards and forecasts related to your program. By doing so, they enable you to clearly understand the buying cycle for your business and adapt your marketing strategies (i.e. customized content for each level of the sales funnel).

    3. How good is my lead list?

    Dirty data costs U.S. organizations $600 billion each year; having a clean and complete database should be of primary concern to you. As your B2B sales partner conducts nurturing campaigns utilizing your lists and interacts with prospects, they will be able to assess the cleanliness of the data and identify the records that either need to be updated, appended or removed.

    Learn how to clean your database in a few simple steps.

    4. What does my pipeline look like?

    Finally, your B2B sales partner should be able to tell you at any given time what your lead opportunity pipeline looks like. Information you should be expecting includes movement in the lead status from prospect to identified opportunity, detail on potential opportunity revenue and the segmentation and vertical specifics that represent the database as a result of lead nurturing. These metrics will allow you to measure the performance of the lead generation firm by knowing the quantity and quality of leads collected and how they translate to revenue.

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