• 4.5 Industry Secrets To Selling Business Phone Services

    As a business telecom service provider, you know the competition for telecom sales is stiff.

    With so many emerging communication technologies, small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have more options than ever to choose from. Convincing them to choose your business Internet, data networking or phone services is the challenge.

    Use These 4.5 Secrets To More Effectively Sell Business Phone Services

    Here are 4.5 telecom industry secrets to closing more deals for your business phone service offerings:

    1. Lead With Phone Services, Even If You Offer Bundles

    Even though many SMBs are looking for flashier services like business Internet and data solutions that may be part of your bigger bundle, your sales team still needs to lead with business phone services as a primary offering.

    This is because phone services are a “stickier” product. Once you port over their phone numbers, a business customer is much likelier to stay with you since the pain of switching is so great. In fact, the average telecom customer lifecycle increases by 200-300% across all products if they’re signed up for some level of business phone services.

    2. Offer Extra Customization At A Lower Cost

    In order to get SMB customers engaged in the business phone sales process, you first need to understand how SMBs use their phone systems. Start by asking two open-ended questions:

    • “What is your current business phone setup?”
    • “How would you like your set up to look in the future?”

    Then, use this functionality conversation to add extra or customized features to their particular service. Some business telecom providers include between 30-40 extra features per customer at no extra cost – and some companies even pay the local, state and federal taxes for their business customers, because the extra customization ensures they close the deal.

    3. Take Your Business PBX To The Cloud

    Thirty years ago, business private branch exchange (PBX) systems were a major success, but they came at the high cost of expensive equipment purchases and lots of onsite storage room requirements.

    Telecom service providers today, however, offer all the perks of a business PBX with cloud technology. This phone-data hybrid stores your customers’ voicemails in the cloud and eliminates the need for a fax machine with fax-to-email functions.

    Close your next business PBX sale by showing your prospect they don’t need traditional business phone services, because those same services are now offered at a lower cost in the cloud.

    4. Use Statistics To Turn The Tide Against VoIP

    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies have been gaining significant market share in the business telecom industry, but VoIP is not without pitfalls. No matter how fast a customer’s Internet speed, VoIP is still relatively unreliable in terms of call quality.

    Remind your prospects or customers that when their business phone services are unreliable, they’re likely losing money fast. In order to retain (or win back) your business customers from switching to VoIP, use hard numbers to make your case.

    Whether your telecom services are based on copper lines or coax cable, provide your prospects or customers with solid statistics about the 99%+ uptime offered by your system. Point out that business phone services versus cheaper VoIP options are a classic case of “you get what you pay for” – then show them why your service is worth the extra investment.

    4.5. Solve The Aging Issue With Easier Tech

    Many SMBs use legacy phone systems that have long since shown their age, and leaders at these companies already know they need better business phone services.

    The key to the telecom sales process isn’t convincing prospects of their need for an upgrade. Rather, show your prospect how the right technology makes their upgrade easy. When a prospect knows the process will be smooth and streamlined, closing the deal won’t be far behind.

    In the cutthroat business telecom industry, your sales team needs to stay ahead of the competition. Now, with these 4.5 tips, your sales process for business phone services is ready to face that competition head on.

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