• 3 Ways to Ace Your Next Sales Call

    By: Kelley Robertson

    I love face-to-face sales calls! Sure, they are stressful, unpredictable, and challenging but I enjoy the interaction with prospects and learning more about their business and/or an industry I’m not familiar with. However, that’s not why I really love face-to-face sales calls…I love the challenge each meeting with a new prospect presents.

    Let’s face it, every sales call is completely different from the last one which give us the opportunity to learn, grow and improve our skills. And my favorite part of meeting with new prospects is being able to move the sales conversation forward and, eventually, capturing the deal.

    Here are three ways you can ace your next sales call with a new prospect or existing customer.

    1. Be prepared for the sales call.

    The Boy Scout’s motto is particularly relevant in today’s sales environment. Before any sales call, meeting or appointment it is important to have a base understanding of your prospect’s critical business issues. If you’re not sure what these issues are, you need to prepare a few questions to uncover them.

    You need to anticipate potential concerns or objections your prospect may voice during your meeting AND you need to be prepared to address them. The more preparation you do before a face-to-face sales call, the less likely you will be caught off-guard by something. It may sound like a fundamental concept but too many sales people are still under-prepared for their meetings which means you can stand out from your competition.

    2. Be patient during the sales call.

    Avoid the over-whelming urge to immediately launch into your sales pitch or presentation. Instead, ask your prospect a few questions to gain a deeper knowledge of their situation and to validate your understanding. An effective way to do this is simply say, “Mrs. Jones, before I tell you how we can solve your employee turnover issues, let me ask you a couple of questions.”

    This approach sets you apart from competitors who fire up their fancy PowerPoint presentations and recite a memorized sales presentation

    3. Tailor your sales presentation.

    Now that you have more insight about your prospect’s situation, problem, pain point, etc., you can deliver your solution. However, if you really want to ace your meeting, it is critical that you tailor and adapt your presentation so that it addresses each key point. Avoid the common sales blunder of launching into a canned sales presentation or sales pitch; otherwise you end up sounding like every other sales person your prospect has met with.

    Follow these three seemingly simple steps and you will make a powerful impact with your prospect; providing of course that your solution is relevant to their situation and that it will help them solve an existing problem.

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