• 3 Ways An Outsourced Sales Partner Provides Valuable Customer Insights

    Some experts recommend against outsourcing your sales, especially if you have a small- or medium-sized business (SMB). These experts warn that if you outsource:

    • You won’t get essential customer feedback
    • You won’t be able to facilitate individual buyer journeys
    • You won’t be able to do sales exploration

    If you outsource to the wrong partner, all of that may be true. Offshore services or low-cost, low-value services usually focus more on the number of calls made rather than on the strategy behind making those calls, the quality of results or the opportunities for connecting with prospects.

    So you don’t want a call center – you want a credible lead gen partner that provides a trained staff  who can provide value in three ways.

    1. They Combine Selling And Customer Satisfaction Feedback

    Rather than acting as though these two essential functions are completely unconnected, a qualified outsourced sales partner will explore both sales potential and customer satisfaction in the same call.

    For instance, if a lead comes in from a marketing campaign, the rep will ask the customer appropriate follow-up questions like, “Are you reading our blog? Did you like that e-book we sent you?”

    The answers to these questions provide you with insight into the effectiveness of your current marketing materials, as well as indicate what kinds of changes would make that material even more effective. The material gathered during these conversations is much more detailed, and much more useful, than a numerical score from the in-app survey.

    2. They Provide Insight Into Customer Personas

    Not all of your customers are alike. Some move slowly through your sales funnel; others are ready to buy. When it’s time to close the deal, some respond best to the active outreach of a sales call, while others prefer to interact with you digitally.

    An outsourced lead nurturing service tracks all of the responses received, providing individualized data that helps you segment your prospects and use the most effective strategies with each.

    3. They Channel The Voice Of The Customer

    Skilled sales partners are trained to ask the right questions – and to listen to and follow up on the answers they get. They’ll ask the open-ended questions you specify.

    For instance, if the sales reps ask how a particular product is being used, customers might have answers like “Only one department is using it,” “We’re only using one feature of the 30 you’ve loaded” or “People want to use it, but it’s too confusing.” These anecdotal responses provide 360-degree reporting that you just can’t gather with simple surveys.

    The customer voice is heard most clearly in renewal calls, but if your sales partner is talking to prospects (as opposed to current customers) they can find out how satisfied the prospect is with their current solutions and explore the reasons for their satisfaction (or lack of it). Such two-way conversations serve as the basis for cross-selling and upselling.

    All three of these kinds of insights, gathered by skilled telemarketing professionals, can be funneled back to you in the format and at the frequency you prefer. This provides you with actionable information you can use to improve your offerings and your sales results.

    Ready to have an expert sales partner gather valuable customer insight for you?

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