3 Ways To Measure The Success Of Your Sales Pipeline

With B2B Appointment Setting

As buyer behavior dictates how consumers are currently “sold” to – in that, less disruptive forms of communication are favored – someone is still responsible for cold-calling and pre-qualifying activities.

3 Ways To Measure The Success Of Your Sales PipelineThe key is tending to the right leads.

B2B appointment setting is a disciplined form of prospecting, featuring proactive strategies for lead generation and demand generation that ensure your sales pipeline never runs dry.

Ask yourself the following three questions, which act as a measuring stick for how well your sales process is performing:

  1. Is your sales database being used to its fullest potential?
  2. Are your leads pre-qualified so your sales team isn’t losing valuable time?
  3. Do your salespeople schedule their own appointments?

If you answered “No, No and Yes” to these questions, it’s definitely time to recalibrate your sales process. Learn how with B2B appointment setting strategies:

  • Twice a year, you should aim to contact everyone in your sales database and clean out old information to identify quality leads. This limits the time wasted on outbounding to invalid prospects and reduces your dependency on having to build a database from scratch with only brand new prospects.

  • BANT standards for lead generation no longer apply to today’s consumer behavior. Qualify your sales leads with the ODAC methodology:

    Open: Your sales team uses an open, customer-centric approach
    Discover: Learn about your prospect’s pains and problems
    Agreement: Get your customer to envision your product working for them
    Close: Guide your prospect through the logistics of their decision to buy

  • Finding leads is the responsibility of your marketing and demand generation teams and even your client services teams (i.e. referrals), not the responsibility of your sales deal closers. Your Business Development Representatives (BDRs) should be setting appointments for quality leads. Otherwise, your salespeople waste hours of time that could have been spent focused on closing deals.

Ultimately, how you measure the success of your B2B appointment setting process comes down to your cost ratio and not close rates. Shine a light on your cost of sales acquisition versus the cost of your product or service delivery.

With the right qualified leads coming through your sales pipeline, you’re setting your business up for increased revenue generation in the future.

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