• 3 Vital Solutions For Simplifying Complex Medical Software Sales

    Healthcare IT is an industry that constantly evolves and changes, adding a high level of complexity to medical software sales involving many players, such as a hospital’s CEO, CFO, CIO, nursing leaders, and medical and IT staff.

    The cycle for medical software sales could easily take between 12 and 18 months, depending on the buyer’s needs.

    The following are three critical solutions to simplify medical software sales for your team:

    1. Speed To Launch And Production
      If you’re trying to launch your own in-house sales team, it could take anywhere from six to nine months to hire salespeople, set up the team and figure out how to train them for the job. And, what if everything doesn’t go as planned?

      You can spend a lot of time discovering you made a mistake in hiring, which could easily set you back four to six months. That’s certainly not conducive for healthcare IT, where time is of the essence.

      With the right outsourced partner, you may launch your medical software sales program in 45 days, which results in 50% cost savings. This helps not only with generating revenue, but also managing sales recruiting, training, compensation, benefits and more. Within 120 to 180 days, your outsourcer should be delivering full sales production.

    2. Adaptive Flexibility
      Since the healthcare IT industry is constantly evolving, your medical software sales team must also adapt with the changes. This requires a flexible and scalable approach to your sales efforts to truly drive successful engagements.

      An outsourced sales partner offers adaptive flexibility in the following ways:

      →  Customized sales methods based on your company’s unique needs
      →  Easy integration and adaptation to your internal processes and preferences
      →  Quick ramp-up on projects for a timely launch and faster time-to-results
      →  Proactive and fast adjustments to address a shift of focus in company goals

    3. Experts, Talent And Training
      In medical software sales, your reps must know how to connect with primary buyers, typically the CEO of a hospital or healthcare facility. However, CEOs aren’t just going to take a call from anyone. You need educated, skilled staff making calls to warm up prospects, showcasing that you understand their industry.

      While your in-house sales reps have deep knowledge of the medical software being offered, outsourced sales experts offer top-of-the-funnel help with lead nurturing and appointment setting, taking the burden of these time-intensive tasks off your best closers.

      The right outsourcer has the talent to support the early sales cycle activity (and even grow it), along with training methods to ensure they have an understanding of the buyer’s area of responsibility to help them achieve their software goals.

      An outsourced sales rep only requires five days of initial training from seasoned experts to get up and running.

    The above three solutions drive sales results, especially in an industry as complex as healthcare IT and medical software. With experts at your service, an outsourced sales partner helps your company reach its true potential in the medical software market.

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