• 3 Tips For Creating An Ironclad Lead Handoff Process To Improve Sales

    Sales teams have wasted untold time by starting the handoff process with bad leads or bad appointments. When you don’t have a quality team member on the phone asking the right questions, the result often is a lot of no-shows or supposed prospects that aren’t really engaged.

    Handing off smile-and-dial leads, instead of being passed qualified sales-ready leads, results in your closers wasting a ton of time running into each dead end.

    Meeting A Monthly Lead Quota Results In Wasted Time

    When lead nurturing and appointment setting is highly unfocused, prospecting isn’t targeted and potential customers aren’t vetted in a way that ensures your reps only receive highly qualified sales-ready leads.

    This is how your closers end up going out into the field, meeting with the wrong people and wasting half a day on bad appointments.
    The following are three tips for improving your lead handoff process to drive sales-ready leads to your reps:

    1. Create A Feedback Loop
    Part of any job is finding ways to work smarter and not necessarily harder. For sales, this begins with lead nurturing and appointment setting. Your marketing, sales center and bottom-funnel closers need to communicate what defines an ideal lead.

    By creating a feedback loop, your entire team (including your outsourced sales partner that sets appointments and hands off leads) knows exactly whom you are looking for, defining and refining as you go.

    You want to make sure your outsourced sales partner conducting prospecting activities is invested in having quality one-to-one conversations with potential customers, instead of pushing cold leads through simply to fill a quota.

    2. Discover The Best Person To Access
    Hitting quotas for appointment setting isn’t going to get your sales team anywhere. Time and research is involved in finding the best person to access at a business. An appointment set with the receptionist is not going to result in a sale.

    That’s the difference between working with a call center and partnering with a sales center.

    When you outsource to a sales center, they conduct research to find the right person to talk to, and also are able to go “off script” and have a customized conversation. They understand how to carry the dialogue, determine a potential customer’s needs, and present your products and services as a solution.

    If there isn’t a link between what a prospect needs and what you provide, there’s no reason to hand off the lead. A true sales center offers certain sales skills that most call centers don’t provide.

    3. Improve Sales Outcomes With Warm Handoffs
    Call centers typically dump a bunch of contacts on a list or appointments on a calendar, but there’s usually not a formal, professional handoff between appointment setter, prospect and sales rep. In this case, your sales reps must go in cold to get the conversation going, having very little trust or rapport already built with the prospect.

    Warm handoffs improve outcomes, even if a person-to-person introduction only merely ensures that the next appointment will be kept. A warm handoff also makes the prospect feel like your internal team is managing the entire process rather than an outsourced provider, which helps with customer buy-in.

    Too many sales teams enlist the help of a static, one-dimensional call center, where appointment setters have a quota to meet, hit that number of appointments and then shove as many people possible through the sales door. This process alienates your sales reps and hurts customer buy-in. To improve sales, focus on quality appointments as opposed to the quantity made. Outsourcing to a lead generation expert that functions like a sales center rather than a cold-calling center is your first step toward adding some warmth and professionalism to your lead handoff process.

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