• 3 Telecom Sales Strategies You Need From Your Outsourced Channel Partner

    In telecom sales, you’re fighting against competitive offers to the customers you are vying for. You have a short window to convince someone that your service or product offering is the smarter choice.

    Even though a lack of sales revenue is the top tier concern, the subsequent fallout is unhappy sales reps who are frustrated with the lack of success. Attrition leads you to accrue costs for hiring, training and getting new sales reps up to speed. It’s a negative cycle where wheels are spinning fast but progress is not easily attained.

    When looking to outsource part of your telecom sales functions or channels, you need to take a big-picture approach to the core problems your in-house team may face. How does the right outsourced sales team solve these problems?

    Ideally, you should partner with a firm featuring the following three telecom sales strategies:

    1. Provides Competitive Insight

    Rather than outsource a sales channel to a call center certain to do the ol’ dial and pray, the most strategic move is to outsource to a telecom sales partner that understands your competition because it already has experience dealing with them.

    With an understanding of how to compete with other telecom providers, your partner provides you with insights into telecom-specific sales strategies that have already proven to be effective.

    Your telecom sales partner should know if your competitor has better contracts, speed of service or rates. Your partner understands areas of strength or weakness, such as in customer service, to use that in its pitch to potential customers.

    2. Succeeds At Selling And Scaling To SMBs

    Telecom customers, especially among small- to mid-sized businesses, represent a full spectrum of possible wants, needs and pains. A dentist office with five dentists versus one dentist is going to have different telecom needs. A mom-and-pop auto body shop is likely to have different Wi-Fi needs than that of a regional chain of Volkswagen service shops. So, a strong understanding for variance within a target market or industry is a critical part of the overall sales strategy.

    You must be able to sell effectively to all the different scenarios on the SMB level. If you don’t have that vertical knowledge and are treating everyone the same, you’re not addressing the specific needs of each individual SMB.

    An experienced telecom sales rep knows how to identify and scope for the difference in verticals at the beginning of the call and is able to manage their pitch on the fly.

    3. Creates A Culture Of Development Through Training

    If high attrition rates is one reason you’re considering outsourcing sales channels, you definitely don’t want your partner to also have attrition issues. That why it’s important to look for an outsourcer that focuses heavily on a one-to-one training program that continually helps its sales reps develop skills and understand best practices.

    Telecom sales can be rough. The potential for the service to disappoint a customer one time makes them easily forget about the other 364 days when the service worked perfectly.

    How do your reps deal with irate customers? Among many other tactics, that’s the type of common skill your partner should be coaching its sales reps on throughout training.

    Training programs with this type of development process tend to result in lower attrition rates, which simply allows for more stability in the program. When there’s stability, ramp-up time becomes less of an issue. And, if your partner does need to ramp someone up, it has a strong process in place to make it happen in a more efficient and effective manner.

    Outsourcing to the right telecom sales partner essentially helps you alleviate attrition, work angles based on insights into your competitors and knowingly work verticals within the small- to mid-sized businesses your telecom is selling to.

    These sales strategies should act as a guide for any outsourced team you’re considering working with so you develop various sales channels for your telecom to truly drive and increase revenue.

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