• 3 Sales Strategies For Getting Consensus In Medical Device Sales

    In today’s medical device sales environment, committees and consensus-based decision-making is the standard. This is more the rule than the exception for healthcare buyers, where an increased aversion to risk is at the root of all decisions.

    Since your sales team’s job is no longer simply to address the C-suite executives of a healthcare system, this presents a new challenge for having more and better conversations with the decision-making committee.

    Here are three sales strategies that help to facilitate consensus among a group of healthcare decision-makers:

    1. Build Consensus By Connecting Decision-Makers To One Another

    In medical sales, you may often hear that it’s important to tailor content to personalize your conversation with each person on the decision-making committee you are speaking to. While this healthcare sales strategy is a necessary one, you must be careful that each person isn’t reporting back to the committee with too many messages and narrow solutions that only address the individual’s needs.

    To help the group move toward a consensus, your sales team’s job is actually to connect the healthcare buyers to understand on a high level the main problems and goals as well as your solutions. More time should be spent connecting them as a group rather than connecting each individual to you, the supplier of a product or device.

    2. Identify Where The Group’s Decision-Making Falls Apart

    Rather than fight over which supplier to choose, consensus committees typically tend to get stuck on determining the right solution for the problem they’ve already identified. Before your sales team even gets a chance to talk to a group, the decision-makers may already be wildly disconnected on defining the solution.

    Sometimes the best word a salesperson can hear is “no,” because then he or she knows to stop spending time trying to make a sale that isn’t going to happen. Again, rather than focus on why a healthcare system should choose you, your medical sales team needs to guide the consensus committee toward settling on a solution.

    3. Activate An Insider Advocate For Your Medical Device

    An insider advocate is also commonly referred to as a “mobilizer” and this is someone who is interested in advocating for the course of action they think the healthcare system should take. This advocate is not interested in your company, product or service as much as the solution to their business problem.

    The goal of your medical sales team in motivating the mobilizer is to reduce any perceived risk that taking your solution to the committee will risk their reputation among peers. You also must turn up the volume on the rewards of your solution.

    All three of these strategies have one common theme: to place your sales focus on creating consensus within the committee about the solution your medical device company provides. In today’s healthcare buyer environment, your sales strategies must focus on bringing the committee together to really drive the decision-making process.

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