• 3 Reasons Why You Should Leave Lead Generation To The Experts

    Lead generation isn’t like the rest of the sales process, especially when it comes to B2B lead generation. In fact, lead generation is such a specific science that some companies specialize primarily in that phase of the sales cycle.


    But is hiring lead generation experts really worth it? The short answer: Yes.

    Outsourcing lead generation leaves the rest of your sales team ready to tackle only the most qualified and vetted leads – meaning you have more time to focus on the perfect close. Here are three more in-depth reasons your business should leave B2B lead generation to the experts:

    1. Specialized Experience

    It’s the truth about every sales team: Your most experienced salespeople don’t want to cold call new prospects. They’d much rather be working with warm leads that are likely to close. In fact, the moment most salespeople live for and celebrate is the final close – not the initial cold call.

    Motivating salespeople to cold call is both a science and an art, but most companies don’t have much experience with this level of motivational training. Also, teaching a salesperson to celebrate without a close is a difficult process, whereas lead generation experts are perfectly content to warm up a lead and hand it off to a sales closer while not losing any motivation for their work.

    That’s where outsourced lead generation experts come in: Lead generation training is a specific type of sales training and outsourcing the job of lead generation to the experts lets you tap into that specialized training and experience.

    2. Staffing Challenges

    With the fact already established that most sales teams don’t want to focus on cold calling and appointment setting, it’s nearly impossible to find and retain great lead generation specialists, and ramping up their training and familiarity with your business takes far too much time.

    On the other hand, outsourcing lead generation experts takes that staffing and retention burden off your back.

    Firms in the outsourced sales industry hire hundreds of B2B lead generation specialists over the years, and when they house the recruitment function internally, they are better able to hire the precise expert for your company. With years of recruiting under their belt, outsourced lead generation companies possess the well-honed experience necessary to hire, retain and match a lead generation expert that’s best for your business.

    3. Fixed Cost Headaches

    Ensuring successful lead generation results for your business is an expensive process when you keep it all in-house, including a number of fixed costs that you simply can’t avoid. For example, the amount of data analytics (and marketing automation software) you need can easily get out of control when your company has to absorb that cost all by itself.

    Another major fixed cost to consider is the pay and other compensation for your lead generation staff. When hosted in-house, you can’t hire or fire your B2B lead generation experts as easily. Even if you only need them occasionally or seasonally, you still have to pay in-house staff year-round. But, outsourcing lead generation relieves you of the fixed costs,letting you tap into those specialty services only when you need them.

    And finally, hiring your own lead generation specialists is fraught with the headache of paperwork and administrative costs. Not only are you relieved of the burden of hiring and compensation when you outsource lead generation, but you also don’t have to track and administer other HR costs and responsibilities such as employee discipline, unemployment paperwork, insurance costs and a host of other administrative duties.

    Lead generation really is a practice you should leave to the experts. When you outsource your lead generation efforts, you allow your sales team to focus on the remainder of the sales process – which means more deals signed, closed and in the bank.

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