• 3.5 Tips To Take Your Healthcare Sales Solution Up The Pain Chain

    Selling to the healthcare C-suite can be a lengthy and complex effort with so many different decision-makers and touch points.

    To shorten the length of the healthcare sales cycle and simplify the process,  consider the following proven tips from solution sales experts:

    Tip #1: If you want to talk to the healthcare C-suite, you have to make friends with the CEO’s assistant.

    While it varies with each company, 90% of the time you need buy-in from below to warm up a cold sales lead. If you want to talk to the C-suite, you must connect with the CEO’s assistant.

    When you contact a C-suite assistant, you have to be compelling and arm that person with valuable information. This is a solution sales tactic, and allows for the assistant to cue up the CEO for a potential call. With that being said, you don’t want to leave a call without having something scheduled with someone.

    Tip #2: To get buy-in from below, keep your conversation points short and well-informed.

    With top-of-the-funnel conversations, you want to be respectful of your contact’s time, so make your calls informative and brief. Your talking points should be thought out so you know the key points to hit on.

    Typically, people in the C-suite don’t respond well to aggressive salespeople, and they don’t want to be spoke to or backed into a corner. Whether your contact is an assistant or the CEO, they’ll respond better to a consultative approach in helping them solve a problem. You want to create dialogue while providing the value of your healthcare product or service.

    Tip #3: Be methodical in following up to make a real difference in warming up cold leads.

    To put it bluntly, you need eight to 10 touches with a potential customer before they even consider purchasing your healthcare product or service. On a daily basis, a portion of your sales effort should be following up with prospects.

    In following up, email is an important part of consistency. Email allows you to send educational information and carry out drip campaigns to stay at the forefront of your prospects’ minds. Eventually, when they’re ready for your solution, your solution has been sitting in front of them all along.

    Tip #3.5: If they’re ready to talk, you’d better be ready to talk.

    This is fairly straightforward, but your appointment setters need enough sales savvy to address middle-of-the-funnel sales conversations. They need to answer questions beyond features and benefits and turn the focus to the bottom line – ROI. If that conversation goes well, you’ve got a firm foot in the C-suite door.

    If your healthcare sales team doesn’t have the in-house resources to connect with contacts approximately 10 times, an outsourced sales partner is an excellent way to streamline and facilitate that process.

    The right outsourcer is skilled at following up with relevant information, setting appointments with the C-Suite and conducting warm introductions at the beginning of each handoff meeting.

    View this video of an outsourced healthcare sales success story and imagine how Invenio can help you.

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