• 2 Ways A Telecom Sales Partner Acts As An Extension Of Your Brand

    As a telecom provider, you are likely looking for some extra sales help to stay ahead of your competitors. Whether it’s finding resources for a new sales channel or adding sheer manpower to your current telecom sales strategies, outsourcing to a partner can come with some trepidation.

    Because of the transactional nature of telecom sales, in the past providers have outsourced to call centers featuring warm bodies ready to make cold calls, read from a script, hang up, rinse and repeat ad nauseam.

    The problem with the traditional call center is that it lacks a certain amount of flexibility, personality and substance you want attached to your telecom brand. That’s why you must look beyond the call center and consider an outsourced telecom sales partner with reps who understand how to forge a human, meaningful business conversation with your prospective customers.

    1. Look For A Telecom Sales Partner That Trains Reps

    The right outsourced sales partner is going to train its reps beyond the nuts and bolts of getting calls done. Your partner should stress the importance of what it means to be on the frontlines for your telecom company.

    When the reps are trained for a particular sales channel, they are given the tools to understand the types of businesses they’ll be talking to. By understanding the pains and needs of that particular segment, they are able to go off script and have a smart and engaging conversation.

    People have a certain disdain for scripted cold calls, and the feeling people get from talking to a well-trained, conversational sales rep increases sales performance. Instead of trepidation, you trust your outsourced reps on the phone with prospects.

    2. Find A Telecom Sales Partner That Plays Nice With Client Systems

    Your outsourced sales partner should be taking sales all the way to close. This means that it needs a strong quality assurance program on its end, as well as integration abilities to route back into your telecom’s fulfillment system to send the sold service out.

    Most traditional call centers don’t have these capabilities and have to pass the deal through someone else. This often causes information to slip through the cracks and creates a ton of friction from the client, who is getting a poor level of service.

    Having the capability to interact directly with your fulfillment systems is another way the right outsourced sales partner helps represent your brand in a positive way. The Greatest Outcome: Operational Efficiency And Cost Savings

    There’s a perceived notion that you have to do things very efficiently or very cost effectively: If you want quality, it’s not going to be cheap (and vice versa). But these things are not mutually exclusive.

    Look for a partner that features dedicated trainers who know telecom sales intimately, along with senior sales reps and call coaches who have sold telecom for a long time. This type of experience and support ensures you no longer have to worry about ramping up a new in-house team, high attrition rates and the cost associated with constantly rehiring and training new reps.

    The right telecom sales partner absolutely can represent your brand in the most positive light and perform at a high level. It has the training and tools to set forth a top tier sales process with operational efficiency that’s much closer to the affordable end of the cost spectrum for telecoms.

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