• 10 Signs You Should Invest In Outsourced Sales

    Managing your internal sales team requires a substantial amount of time, effort, and money–resources that may be better spent elsewhere in your company. At the same time, maybe your business has grown to the point where it has become obvious that the services of an outside sales team is needed. The following information explains 10 signs indicating it’s time to invest in outsourced sales.

    1. Your sales needs have increased beyond the capacity of your internal sales team. Your internal sales staff has only a finite capacity, and if your needs increase beyond that ability, an outsourced sales team can help you meet goals without hiring new staff.
    2. Sales processes have become too difficult to manage effectively. Sales can be difficult to manage even in the best of circumstances, but if your own processes have become too troublesome or time-consuming, it’s time to seek an outsourced team.
    3. You need to impose more control on costs. When you hire an outsourced sales team, you know how much it’s going to cost to keep that team working for you. When this major expense is more predictable, you’ll be able to impose more control on costs.
    4. You need a larger sales force with different expertise. A small team can accomplish only so much. If you expand into different product and service areas, you may need a sales team with the expertise to work effectively in those new areas. An outsourced team can give you more personnel and added knowledge when you need them.
    5. You need a more advanced and up-to-the-minute sales team. The modern sales environment changes rapidly, and keeping up with those changes requires constant attention and adaptation. An outsourced sales team will be on top of the most recent sales technology, techniques, and best practices.
    6. You need to reduce time to market. With an outsourced sales team, you can significantly reduce the time it takes to get new products and services to market.
    7. You need a team that can focus totally on sales. In some companies, the sales team and its managers can be called on to take time away from sales activities to address other issues. This is especially true in smaller companies where individual employees may have to assume multiple roles. An outsourced team gives you a group that focuses solely on sales and that won’t be distracted by other concerns.
    8. You need a stable sales team that focuses on you. An outsourced sales team will be dedicated to working for you. There will be continuity even if a member of the outsourced team leaves, unlike what would happen if a key member of your internal team gets lured away by a more attractive job offer.
    9. You need more return from sales technology. With an outsourced sales team, you’ll have access to experts in sales technologies and how they can be used specifically for your needs. A good outsourced team will also be able to establish a sales platform that can be transferred to your company if needed.
    10. You need to better track sales and marketing ROI. You need to know if your investments in sales and marketing are working and precisely how much ROI is being generated. Outsourced teams can track and report this data with considerable precision.

    When the time comes to invest in the services of an outsourced sales team, you should turn to a professional company with demonstrated expertise and a proven record of results. Contact us today at Invenio for more information on our outsourced sales services and to find out how we can improve your sales while relieving you of a major management burden.